Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Marriage Strike is Working

The Marriage Strike is working. I have seen it for myself. On a first date last week, she offered the information that she would be willing to sign a pre-nup. A FIRST DATE! Now that is impact.

I have also noted that some skanks have gone so far as to eliminate the "M" word from their vocabulary. Before we all jump with joy, we need to keep this all in perspective. This does not mean that the skanks are coming around. What is happening is that the market price of a piece of ass is falling. Market forces are driving the discounts. It has nothing to do with understanding or decency. The quim cartel is not showing the profit that it once did, so it is merely adjusting to economic conditions. Make no mistake. They only want a foot in the door and will then coax and tempt you to abandon your own interests.

We are still a long way from ultimate victory. We will see geeks complete with masking tape to hold their glasses together pouring their sperm into the mouths of supermodels before we see even one man-friendly law made.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

MGTOW Isn’t Just a Gender Issue Anymore

The MGTOW mission is now bigger than avoiding skanks and big government. Physical survival is at stake from now on. Men must plan and prepare just to live. Nevermind retire without debt.

Anybody notice how low oil prices have fallen since summer? Even at prices over $4 a gallon at the pump, gasoline was way under priced. Free market forces would have it about $6 per gallon. What gives? Massive subsidies.

This is very, very bad news. While it might be fun to drive that old muscle car, your joyrides are costing you more in foregone wages and higher taxes than you will ever put in the tank. On top of the price tag, we need to consider that there is a practical limit to how much oil we can import. We have already pissed off Venezuela and Indonesia. Canada isn’t thrilled with us either. Russia will consume all of its own output within a couple of years. North Sea production has peaked. That leaves us with Iran and Saudi Arabia. What will they charge per barrel? Let’s not forget the economic growth in India and China. No sign of slowing down and demand for energy is increasing disproportionately. Brazilian demand is another energy headache waiting to happen.

If market forces were allowed to handle matters, gasoline prices would jump overnight. Sticker shock at the pump would help curb unnatural demand and maybe, just maybe, lead us to be more sane consumers. If demand decreases so would our dependence on the generosity of Islam. As it is, we will only deal with the problem when we are forced to. Then the production/import shortfall will be too great and it will be too late to make even painful adjustments. We face a major depression the likes of which has not been seen since the Jacobins.

This is a MGTOW issue like no other. Recovery, if any, will take longer than our natural lives. Industry requires energy and there will not be enough cheap energy to restart industry once it becomes idle. Food production and distribution will be difficult, if it can be done at all. I have seen men cheerlead for collapse on the message boards and in the blogs. They forget that the army would gladly shoot them to feed their corpse to a skank and its bastards. Let them eat the manginas. They would gladly give their bodies as skankfood, if you promise them they will get laid for it. The MGTOW must survive. They must feed themselves. The young guys might try intensive subsistence agriculture out in the plains. The older ones might try to barter manual and intellectual skills. Be prepared men. Be prepared.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Bunkhouse

Rescued from old MR site

There is a common myth, that even some men subscribe to, that any group of men, isolated and left to themselves, will deteriorate into a Lord of the Flies type lifestyle. Hogwash! Such a thing almost never happens. Men have been grouping together and dropping out of society since the beginning of time. Every monastery, boy’s school, military unit, cattle drive and remote field laboratory belies this myth. If we need a book to help predict what men are like in survival situations, PT-109 is a much better example than Lord of the Flies.

If we reject the myth, then it becomes possible for a teams of men to move out of the hostile mainstream society and into an alternative society made by and for men. This was quite common in the old days. Many examples exist. We already mentioned the monastery. Others include the warship, the academy and even the YMCA. The most suitable arrangement for the 21st century team is probably the 19th century style bunkhouse.

The bunkhouse is a Spartan lifestyle -- little more than a bed and a footlocker, but not unfamiliar to men who have military service and have lived in a barracks or a ship’s berthing compartment. Yes, we men know how to live out of a duffel bag without complaint. The advantages of doing so are numerous:

  • The bunkhouse is secular. Unlike a monastery, there is no need for a religious commitment.

  • The bunkhouse is civilian. Unlike a barracks, the men can set their own rules and nobody is likely to be transferred out of the unit.

  • Rents are very, very low. The amount of space needed is minimal. At say 100 sq/ft per man, rents, even in Washington or San Francisco, are affordable. Elsewhere, there is no need for any teammates to work full-time.

  • Other expenses are minimized. A single broadband internet connection can be shared six ways and used simultaneously by all. The electric bill per man will be nominal. Anybody can get a prepaid cell phone, so there is no need for a common phone bill.

  • Crime is virtually nonexistent. No burglar is going to break into a residence where there are five or more adult men, especially if there is little to steal.

  • A bunkhouse can be established just about anywhere. A bunkhouse is not just for a ranch. They can be set up in big city apartments or mobile homes in the sticks. Zoning problems are easily dealt with when they are known. A bunkhouse can even be established in commercial or industrial zones, when the team runs businesses out of the bunkhouse. Because a men’s bunkhouse is such a poor crime target, you can put it in the worst (usually the cheapest) areas.

  • A bunkhouse is the only way to go when the team decides to relocate overseas. In addition to its other advantages, a bunkhouse will reduce culture shock and keep the team safe in unknown territory.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Democtratic Congress and MRAs

What does the new Democratic majority mean to MRAs? Not too much unfortunately. It might be nice to think that they will roll back the PATRIOT ACT, end domestic spying and abolish torture. Don't hold your breath though. The Dems are eyeing victory in 08 and will want to preserve dictitorial powers for themselves.

Some say this is a disaster for the men's movement. No. It is not. What about the new hate crimes legislation? Doesn't mean a thing. Truth is that you can already be jacked up on idiotic criminal charges at the whim of anyone except a white male. Calling the false charges hate speech instead of DV, pedophilia or disloyal utterances during time of war doesn't increase your risks at all.

We have hit bottom guys. No place to go but up. It might happen someday, but not yet.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Anti Feminism Sites

Since I already consider feminism a discredited ideology, I have preferred to push the male separatist side of MGTOW. Every day, there are new anti feminism sites and blogs comming online. Though I push a different agenda, I am very, very glad to see these sites.

Eventhough the ideology is in disgrace and feminism as a political movement has crested, nobody can deny that it is still wedged tightly into legal, legislative and academic circles. The remnants of feminism are still being exploited, not for political or social reasons, but for financial gain. There is still a fight to fight.

Though revitalized men focus on developing tough defenses, there is no reason we should not join others in the attack against the intrenched feminazis. It doesn't matter that there is little chance of success in our lifetimes. A strong anti feminist upsurge may even be an excuse to invoke martial law. That doesn't matter because any excuse is good enough for the powers that be. We don't care because when the turmoil and strife is over, we don't want feminists to be part of any new regime. Let the anti feminists keep reminding us of that.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Guilty Secrets of a Dedicated MGTOW

Psssst. Rich's friends are mostly female. Rich has a profile posted on a dating site. Even worse, he pays for dinner and drinks! He never gets laid for the trouble either.

There it is. Out in the open. Why is he stabbing us all in the back?

It goes to the root of my personal philosophy. Others may certainly disagree and stand on very firm ground, but Rich's idea of MGTOW means maximum personal choice. This freedom of choice includes having the latitude to select companions and recreation without any particular ideological restrictions. What a man decides to do is unimportant. The fact the he can and does decide is the essence of MGTOW.

So, does this mean that I am collaborating with the enemy? One could say so, if he truly believed that women are, in fact, the enemy. The fact is they are not. Women are not formidable enough to be the true enemy. Women certainly are tools of the enemy, but have no independant will or function.

The real enemies of men are other men. The authoritarian sickos who just voted to grant the White House the option of unilaterally declaring martial law. The enemy is anyone who carries a badge and gun. Anyone who wears a government issued uniform. Anyone who makes his living lying to juries. The bloated, foul-mouthed bitch next door isn't even on the radar.

But Rich, that doesn't explain why you are usually in the company of women who would just as soon see you and the rest of us paralized. Very true, it doesn't. I have three sisters and no brothers. My circle of acquaintences tends toward women because they are usually my sister's friends first. It could also be that I really see no woman as being any kind of threat. I would even go so far as to say that it has always been that way and am too lazy to change it. You guys figure it out. I sure can't. The only thing I can say in my own behalf is that these are MY choices, however I came to make them. Since it is my will that prevails it is still MGTOW at the core. The off ramp leads to many, many side streets -- even mine.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

What Are You Doing Here?

Why are American MRAs still here? Your very existence breaks the laws of the land of your birth. The Government doesn’t want you. Women don’t want you. Manginas don’t want you. You don’t even have control of your own life. What are you doing here?

The only answer I tend to get is “I work here.” Nobody loves America anymore. They still love what it was, but know full well that the America we were born in does not exist anymore and will never return.

What am I doing here? I don’t have the excuse of having a job here. I do not entertain false hope. I should have been gone years ago. What gives? I wish I could say.