Wednesday, August 31, 2005

John Brown's Last Words

As the abolitionist John Brown was to be hanged, he handed this executioner a note.

I, John Brown am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood.
Our times are similar in many respects. The crimes against men and children will continue, unchecked, unless the governments that facilitate them are violently overthrown. Don't hold your breath. And for God's sake, don't get involved! 20th century history has shown us that there are only two ways to overthrow the governments of despotic superpowers. Firstly by world war and conquest -- Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Secondly, by a renegade tyrant abdicating of his own volition -- Soviet Union after Glasnost and Perestroyka. The day of the popular revolution is over.

Many within the Men's Movement look forward to the day when a rising tide of political action will sweep the reptiles from power through the ballot box. It will never happen. No trifle like a national election is going to convince the tyrants to step aside. Western governments will readily slaughter thier own citizens rather than relinquish power. If the Men's Movement gets too active or too successful it will be crushed by force of arms ala the Branch-Davidians. If the Men's Movement survives that and becomes stronger, do not be surprised to see nuclear strikes against the American, Austrailian and Brittish cities that are the most troublesome. The remainder of the Western world will fall under permanent martial law.

None of this suggests that we forget about activism. These societies are rotting away at the very core. The type activism that will bring change is not political or revolutionary but merely contributing to the self destruction of these societies. The good news is that these societies are so complex that any man can have an impact not by active opposition but by witholding assistance to them. Every man on jury duty may refuse to convict any defendant. A man can opt out of the economy and erode the tax base by emigrating or taking up subsistence farming. Entrepreneurs can outsource as much work as they can to the third world. It will not take very many men to withold thier labor and topple the Social Security System and its counterparts in the rest of the West. If enough men decide to live on beans, bread and water alone, and own only two sets of clothes, they will become healthier and, at the same time, mortally wound the economy. Soon these governments will be so weak that they will become paralized. This is when change can occur.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Against Gay Marriage? -- Let's Not Be Too Hasty

Wounded men tend to drift to the political right. They listen to the lies and try to believe. Traditional family values? Yeah sure! Limited government? Not a chance. The left is every bit as hostile to men as the right, but their agenda seeks to impose something that we can use and profit from, namely, Gay Marriage.

Naturally, many men will object to gay marriage and civil unions on moral grounds. Think about it. Is it really more sick and twisted than capital punishment for retarded children or promoting prison rape? Is it more indicative of moral decay than a corrupt judiciary or their obscene abuse of human rights? Remember, nobody is trying to force you to fag off with another guy. They are merely trying to force a state of moral legitimacy and legal parity upon an unreceptive public.

So, what do we gain if we all marry our best buddy?

  • Better tax treatment.
  • More favorable health, life and car insurance options.
  • The opportunity to obtain a single home mortgage using two incomes.
  • A better chance of regaining child custody because of your “stable, two-parent home”.
  • A better chance at adopting a child.
  • Your best friend cannot be forced to testify against you in court.
  • No probate at your death.
  • You may claim protection under discrimination laws.

There are numerous other advantages. All you have to do is claim them. No proof of sodomy is required. You can even annul your marriage at any time because it was never consummated. It is a mistake to reject this issue out of hand when there is so much to gain. It is like cod liver oil. Sure, it stinks and leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but you want the positive effects.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Nature of Masculinity

Many a man active in the Men's Movement asserts that men have been emasculated by feminism and political correctness. I beg to differ. Actual emasculation would mean that masculinity is now absent in males and cannot be recovered. Masculinity is not absent. It is merely hidden and can be redeemed at any time.

The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of males work very, very hard to keep their masculinity hidden. It takes intense and deliberate effort to supress a masculine trait every day of your life. Most of these "stealth men" slip every once in a while. That is why the feminazis can still screech "PIG!" daily. It is also a handy excuse for wives from Hell to use during divorce proceedings.

Feminism destroy masculinity? Impossible. Masculinity is genetically hard-wired. To suggest otherwise is to affirm the feminazi propaganda that gender identity is the result of socialization. Feminism has had 40 years to do its vile work and Monday Night Football still survives. How can this be? We all know that 90% of all women are killed by their husbands during the Super Bowl. Two -- no THREE generations of boys should have grown to be women by now. So, who is renting all of those Star Wars movies?

What does a man need to do to restore his masculinity? Nothing. That's right -- Nothing. He already has it. To do nothing also means to cease making the Herculean effort to hide masculinity in public and in private. When a man quits working on the facade, his true nature will reveal itself instantly. It is no more difficult than switching off a light.