Monday, October 24, 2005

The Last American Men

Lately, I have spent much time around the kids. I have chattered with quite a few teachers and seen what passes for entertainment on the boob tube. After this, I cannot escape the regrettable conclusion that the last generation of American men has already been born and has already reached adulthood. Furthermore, I am ashamed to say that it was my generation, the Baby Boom Generation, that doused the last flickering flame.

The last true men belong to Generation X. They are not just the last, they are also the only men left in society. The men of the GI Generation and the Silent Generation are now largely out of the workforce. These men no longer circulate in or have a significant influence in contemporary society. The males of the Baby Boom Generation, long ago, swapped their masculinity for feminine sensitivity. In doing so, the Baby Boom Generation has denied the fathers of Generation X, the last best hope of American men, the right to pass their legacy on to their children.

Masculinity is genetic. It cannot be extinguished entirely. However, the Baby Boom Generation has found a way to sabotage the development of boys into men by banishing the men of Generation X from all positions of authority and responsibility within society. First, they deprived the GenX men of a decent public education. Next, the Boomers deprived them of economic opportunity. Finally, the Boomers ejected them from their own families. It is no accident that GenX women occupy important positions in society and that GenX men are universally maligned. It should also be no surprise that GenX men are among the most reactionary and pissed off people on Earth. Let me also say that GenX men are the most generous, the most tolerant, the most industrious and the most loyal of any generation this country has yet produced. Nobody is allowed to say that in the media, but it is still the gospel truth. That these good men are and will remain almost completely isolated from our youth is a sin and the zenith of folly.

The males of GenY are coming of age now. Yes they do have the inborn masculinity that God gave us all. The problem is that they don’t know what to do with it. They actually believe that what they feel is more important than what they think or what they do. They believe that it is natural and proper that women behave like animals due to PMS, PPD or any other ridiculous excuse. Many males of GenY have never even met a real man or a real lady in their entire lives -- not even on television. How will GenY acquire the traits of honorable manhood in such a void? It may not be possible.

Boomers, may you burn in Hell for what you are doing to your country and your people. That a generation that once aspired to the greatest good can sponsor such utter depravity is inexcusable.

GenX, I salute you. You are the most abused, most aborted and most deprived generation in our history, yet you set a fine standard. You are the last American men. Remember, every dog has his day and, I swear, that you will have yours.

GenY, I pity you. Despite all of the material wealth and social advantages that were showered upon you from birth, greatness will elude you for all of your days. I fear, that in your elder years, you will look back on your lives and wish you were smothered in your cradles.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Activism is Beneficial After All

The other day a friend and I were discussing male activism. He asked me why I thought that the Men’s Movement would not provoke meaningful change. I will explain myself for him and for my reader.

The Men’s Movement will not succeed because most men are focused on the wrong enemy. Men, as a group, mistakenly believe that feminazis are to blame for this sick society. Nothing could be further from the truth. Political opportunism is the root cause of social decay not radical feminism. The fact of the matter is that feminism has very little real power or influence. No senator or congressman wants to listen to some carping bitch any more than we do. The only reason that so much of the feminist agenda became entrenched in law was that it ran concurrent with the real objective, namely, the political conquest of the states and individuals by the federal government.

Our true adversary is not the bloated dyke with a pair of scissors hanging about its neck. Our most formidable opponent is the toothless, tattooed welfare queen with ten bastards by nine men. At least the dyke paid for the scissors, but we pay for the bastards. To pay for all of this somebody has to be exploited. Men, who generate at least ¾ of the GDP, are the obvious choice. Feminazis may agree with and take the credit for this but the idea is not theirs. It is just one part of a massive political power grab by the federal government.

There is a better than even chance that my reader is a bastard himself, either by birth or divorce. It is highly probable that the children he sired are bastards too. Though he may be infuriated by his predicament, he is not likely to turn against his true parents -- The Department of Justice and The Department of Health and Human Services. He may not fully realize it, but he is every bit as loyal to his ever-present but faceless parents as a legitimate child is to his human parents. Nobody protects government-sponsored bastardy more fiercely than those who have been ruined by it.

If I believe all of this then why do I support activism at all? It may never be possible to change the dominant society, but it can be made moot by a self-reliant sub-culture. Congress can enact more and more abusive laws, but what if the cops in your town decide to ignore them? Congress can tax and tax, but what if you produce no reportable income? Perhaps your sweet bride will fellate some hack judge in exchange for garnishing your wages and seizing your bank accounts. What wages and what accounts? The Attorney General can charge you with a thousand counts of a thousand crimes. You can talk that over with your friends while you sip your brandy at a Buenos Aires sidewalk café. Civil asset forfeiture? Huh! You can walk away with a million dollars worth of untraceable gems and coins inside a bowling bag.

If only one in ten thousand American men adopted the proper activist attitudes and habits, the lives of all men would improve. When the common man sees living examples of men who have folded their lousy hand and refuse to ante for the next, society must about face if it is to survive at all. Society will still hate and denigrate men. Undoubtedly, the hatred will intensify. However, society will eventually be forced to at least tolerate men.

Men are America’s wealth and productivity. If even a small fraction of productive men turn their backs on society, the result will be economic disaster. Does anybody really think that an illiterate welfare queen can replace a master electrician? Is a B.A in Gender Studies and an M.S.W. interchangeable with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.B.A.? Yes, society will, at first, insist that they are -- until the standard of living plunges. Next, society will try to import productive labor to fill the void. This will fail too because of racism and xenophobia. Educated Africans and Latin Americans will not be welcome. Qualified Europeans and Asians will decline to come to a police state that is on the brink of collapse.

In the end, society will come to the awful realization that it cannot continue to drive away its breadwinners. The misandry will remain but the overt hatred will abate. By then it may be too late. The absent and invisible will never be lured back. We will have new lives and we will care nothing for the old anymore.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Racism in the Men's Movement

The Men’s Movement cannot possibly move ahead, unless and until, we finally destroy racism. Most MRAs are white men, even though black and hispanic men have been taking the brunt of the beating. We must get black and latino men on our side. As things are now when a black man votes, he votes BLACK first. We must, somehow, persuade him to vote MAN first. That will be no mean feat. Black men know our attitudes toward them. We point the finger and say, “That (n-word) drinking MD 20/20 from the paper bag has 40 kids and never a job!”. We conveniently forget that he is one of 40 kids himself; that an illiterate and irresponsible black woman was in charge of his education and social development; that he cannot pick his father out of a crowd, much less learn from him; and that he is out on the street at all is a pure accident. He should be locked up with all 20 of his brothers, who he doesn’t even know are his biological brothers.

Nobody needs reform more than African-Americans. Yet unless we abandon all of our right-wind political rhetoric, we will never be able to bring them under our roof. Blacks tend to vote in ways that further empowers the federal government. Because the Civil Rights Movement and the Great Society happened at the same time most people of all races, tightly link the two in their own political outlook. You can’t have one without the other. Erroneous! In the mid 1960’s it was possible to expand civil rights without establishing a welfare state with all of the human tragedy that came with it. I sincerely believe that LBJ did more damage to African-Americans than Jefferson Davis would have, if he had been president during the 1960’s.

As for Latinos, I rarely see a Men’s Movement site that does not call for more “border security”. Security be damned! The fence jumpers are intrepid and enterprising. They come from intact families and usually have one of their own. They believe in the ascendancy of men, especially fathers, that assures a more stable relationship between the sexes. These are our kind of men! We should be dragging them off the streets of Juarez and Tijuana in the thousands. Instead, we agitate for a new iron curtain.

Make no mistake about the situation on the US/Mexican border. The federal government could run a fence from Imperial Beach to Brownsville. They could lay a mine field behind that fence. They could erect watchtowers every quarter mile, manned by soldiers armed with machine guns. All of this at a negligible cost to the tax payer. So, why don’t they? Doesn’t ending illegal immigration have enough public support? Yes, the public wants it but not the pols. Every congressman, senator and senior federal official understands that if illegal immigration does stop the American economy will utterly collapse in a matter of weeks. The border is still wide open because nobody who has to stand for election every two years wants a depression during their tenure.

In a more perfect union, the aliens would be able to claim citizenship within two years like in Canada and New Zealand. Unfortunately, no lawmaker will ever even propose such a measure. They know that if Mexicans come here and naturalize quickly, their tyranny will end just as quickly. Latin men, especially those born in Latin America, still retain the classical concept of personal honor. They would do all of the things that we would like to do ourselves, but are too morally weak to try. A latin man will wallop a bitchy wife. He will avenge any false witness or malicious behavior. He will slay any corrupt judge who dares to interfere with his family. If he can’t do it alone, all of his male relatives will be pressed into service. What is more, if he does any or all of those things, he will not be punished for it. Other Latinos on any prospective jury will fully understand that his actions were nothing but a legitimate defense of honor.

So, what about us? Are there so many white MRA’s that we don’t need help from our black and latin brothers? Do we really want to align ourselves politically with the survivalists, the Militia Movement or any other impotent, reactionary group? To progress, we must reach out to the vast number of potential allies on the Left that we now dismiss.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Go Left Young Man

My daily tours of Men’s Movement sites and blogs has taken me to the conclusion that men’s rights activists (MRAs) are the most politically naive leaders of any modern movement. I see gay bashing. I see angry right-wing rhetoric. I see unswerving support for any, so called conservative, drivel that is alleged to be pro-marriage or pro-family. I see calls for educating the judiciary on men’s issues and for the appointment of conservative or strict constructionist judges. None of this will ever advance the men’s movement only hold it back. We are on the wrong side. I do not pretend to understand the nuances of UK, Aussie, Canadian, or Kiwi politics. Therefore, I shall limit my comment to the American situation.

As I noted before, wounded men drift to the political right. The reason for this is quite simple. Distressed men grasp at any hope. The Republican’s know this well and exploit the agony of the common man. They pay lip service to the sanctity of marriage and responsible fatherhood. What do we get for our support? Tax cuts for billionaires and an undeclared war that has already killed many fellow men. That’s it -- all of it! The Republican Party, since WWI, has never sided with the common man and never will. The Republicans represent only the upper-middle-class. To actually get elected, they need to attract the very people they despise most, the angry white men a.k.a. the working poor. Easy prey. Just tell them they can keep their guns, their kids will be able to pray at school and we will send all of the Mexicans back.

So what have the Liberal Democrats done for us lately? Nothing, but why should they? We always vote Republican and they know it. They have written us off. But what would they do if we threw them our support?

MRAs and Joe Blow himself need to take a good look at the Democrats. That the Democrats kneel at the femininazi alter is crystal clear. However, the Feminist Movement is winding down and the Men’s Movement is on the rise. If the angry white men join the Democrats, the feminazis would be pushed aside. The time is ripe for an upheaval. It is doable, even as soon as the next presidential election.

Men must recognize that we have common cause with the most powerful and best organized clients of the Democratic Party. For example:

Organized Labor seeks better wages and working conditions. Maybe we can return to the one paycheck family. Perhaps, fewer men die in industrial accidents. We can support that. Can’t we?

African-Americans put a blinding light on public corruption, police abuse and individual civil rights. It is also true that no segment of society has suffered more under feminism than African-Americans. If African-American men gain the right to head their families, we do too. How can we be against this?

Gays seek the right to a legally binding marriage and an end to discrimination based on sexual orientation. Don’t we want marriage to be legally binding again? If gays achieve the right to be with their own children don’t we also? If marriage is never restored, does it really matter who gets the sheet of toilet paper at City Hall?

MRAs must reach out to these groups because they have something that we don’t, effective leadership and organization. They know how to start a grassroots movement and keep it going. The number of discarded men dwarfs the number in the labor movement and the gay rights movement combined. They wield the power that continues to elude us. We need their help and guidance. The day that the Men’s Movement ever allies itself with the big constituencies of the political left, is the day that radical feminism finally dies and all of the male disabilities vanish.