Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Rich Bansha was severly injured in an ATV accident last week. He is out of hospital now but faces a long recovery. He is not likely to be back online for at least the next two weeks.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Another Gift of the Matriarchy -- Pedophiles.

Last night, I saw a television program on NBC called To Catch a Predator. The program was about adult male perverts who lure children into sex through internet chat rooms. Yes, it was more male-bashing propaganda. There is no denying that. Unfortunately, we cannot simply dismiss this piece as unfounded trash, because they were able to entrap so many of these perverts in a single location. Now, we are forced to face some very shameful facts. There are male perverts out there. They do target children. There are large numbers of them. They are bolder and more aggressive than ever before. How could this be? Where do these people come from? What caused all of this?

For the rest of the evening I contemplated this subject. I slept on it and then thought it over again for the balance of the morning. In my opinion, there will never be a full and complete explanation for all of this perversion. Still, I was able to arrive at a few conclusions that are worth noting.

One thing is certain. The problem, on this scale, is fairly new and getting worse. Yes there were pedophiles in the past, but not nearly as many as there are now. Although there seems to be an infinite number of women who claim to have been molested by their fathers, I have never heard one yet that seems credible. Besides, nearly all of the research that I have read on domestic molestation points to step-fathers and live-in boyfriends as the culprits and not biological fathers. I would be willing to bet that even if a particular father is, in fact, a molester, he only molests other people’s children and not his own. Father/child sexual abuse is so rare that a true and verifiable case surfaces only once in a blue moon. The internet predator is a completely different animal ( and I use the word animal literally). He targets the children of strangers again and again and again. He is not content with a single victim. He constantly seeks new ones.

The feminization of society has exacerbated the problem in two fundamental ways. Let’s look at the pedophile himself. He has no sense of propriety, let alone morality. In the past, standards of behavior were simple and concrete. Feminization has given us moral relativism. There is no right and wrong anymore. Now these perverts can always excuse themselves by thinking that molestation is perfectly acceptable in this case. Besides lacking the moral compass, the molesters also have poor impulse control. Even if they believe their actions to be wrong, they say that they cannot help themselves. If they truly do lose control of themselves, it is because they possess a feminine trait that is now sanctioned by society across-the-board. We need look no further than the shoplifter beauty queens or Imelda Marcos’ shoes for evidence of this. If the pervert retained complete control over himself and proceeded anyway, he resorts to all of the excuses that junk psychology has to offer. This is another feminine trait that society encourages -- PMS and PPD etc..

Now, let’s look at the social climate. There are few biological fathers left in the home to protect children. Those that remain are legally restrained from acting in their children’s interest. This makes children especially vulnerable. Technology has a role, but the most important factor is the absence of adult men in children’s everyday lives. Fathers are gone. Only the weakest and most deluded men seek work in the schools. No man with a mind dares interact with children at all because of the sexual abuse hysteria that will follow him day in and day out. Predators have free reign because of the absence of normal men who would deter or confront any pedophile.

Finally, we need to look at the child victims as well. The fathers are gone. Many kids crave the attention of adult men. These children will do anything to fill the emotional void left by an absent or unknown father. The emptiness is so great that the children will even offer up their bodies to gain a man’s affection -- any man‘s affection. The emotional issue is compounded by a social one. It is a fact, that many fifth-graders have a more active sex life than either of their parents ever will. There is an old joke that says, You know you are a loser when you molest an eight year old and she tells you that she has had better. Today it isn’t a joke. For many kids it is the truth. Today’s children think nothing of having sex with anyone. To them, submitting to a molester it is just another lay.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Female Hysteria and the Plame Affair

For once, I get to side with the administration an an issue. Bush, Cheney, Rove and Libby are all innocent. In fact, no crime was committed at all. I assert that the Vice President and his aide have the absolute authority to revoke an undercover status or a security clearence at will. Now, Libby may have been indicted for perjury, obstruction, etc. -- essentially the cover up. Nothing he may have said or done before the grand jury matters. You can't cover up a crime that never occurred. He should never have resigned.

So, what is this mess? It is a nationwide PMS episode. The American public has become one big maladapted wife to the government. Her lashing out at the White House is the equivalent of an irrational, belecose wife scalding her husband for not wanting to vacuum the exact instant he gets home from work.

America's voters no longer evaluate political cadidates on issues and goals. No, the big woman chooses her leaders based on emotional impulse; not unlike a housewife's impulse purchase of a cheese cake or a pair of lime green shoes. The pols noted this long ago. As a result, we have negative campaigning, draconian anti-male laws and political grandstanding that promises to further degrade all men. Thanks national bitch.