Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

Brothers, let's let the Men's Movement rest for one day and remember that God is with us, even if no one else is.

Christmas is a time of miracles. Some of us will get a phone call. Maybe from a son in Iraq that proves he is still alive and unhurt. Maybe from a lost daugter who was taken away years ago by her mother and the courts. We may visit with our parents and siblings who have helped us cope with it all. Or our friends, God keep them all.

Even if this Christmas only means yourself, the tube, and college football try to remember that you are still loved and wanted. Loved and wanted by God and all of your MM brothers. This world will never be a happy one without you. That is the reason God sent you here to begin with.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The American Moral Cesspool

Let's give the Bush Administration some credit for exercising some measure of restraint when it comes to the war, torture, immigration. Yes, credit. Bush's popularity is at an all time low not because the administraion's record on human rights is an abomination, but because it is not atrocious enough.

The Secretary of State danced all around Europe trying to obscure the fact that the Bush Administration does run gulags all over the world, does encourage and engage in torture routinely, and does defy international law on the treatment of prisoners. Was this a noble thing for her to do? Yes! By doing so she, at minimum, acknowledges that there are some standards that civilized nations should at least pretend to adhere to. It is to her credit that she did not articulate the administration's real policy on torture and human rights. She could just as easily have said to Europe and the rest of the world that, the war on terror, the war on drugs and the war on all humanity is so important that it overrides international law and permits crimes against humanity when expedient. Had she done so, Europe would have fallen silent and a thundering cheer would have risen from every dive bar in America. The administration's popularity would have soared to new heights. The fact of the matter is that the American people want genocide. Much of the current administration and congress wants it too. Why this administration stops just short of it is a mystery, but the fact that it has resisted the domestic political forces is noteworthy.

The war in Iraq, another nagging political problem for the administration, is another excellent example of how the adminsitration does not merely bow to pubic opinion and pretends to try to do the right thing. The administration is in the process of installing a puppet government in Iraq. They insist that it will be a democratic government by and for the Iraqi people. This is a good thing because it is a backdoor admission that democracy is a desirable thing. The adminstration continues its efforts at nation building in the face of hostle public opinion. This is also praise worthy. The administration could easily redeem its image in the eyes of the average American if it made an about face and declared the Iraq war a war of conquest. It could install a dictatorship and permanent martial law. It could sieze the oil reserves for America's exclusive use. The administration could transport ex-convicts, sex offenders, drug addicts, illegal aliens, divorced fathers and every other type of subhuman to Iraq and install them as the ruling regime. They can ship garbage and nuclear waste to Iraq. Move all prisons to Iraq. Every NIMBY issue can be assauged. If the Bush Administration did all of this, there would be calls at home to ammend the constitution and make Bush president for life.

Iraq exit strategy could be made a non issue. Many cry out for complete withdrawl. This is not because we are taking too many casualties or even because we seem to be mired in a permanent guerilla war. The American people not only want thier money's worth but also some assurance that American blood can be properly avenged. The Bush Administration could put this issue to bed by broadcasting news footage of towns being razed, bloody reprisals for every American casualty, right-wing para military massacres of "insurgents" -- of all ages and both sexes. If the administration looked like it was putting the fear of God into those ragheads, American public opinion would deify the president. Why don't they? Could it be that the administration has some lines that even it will not cross? I hope so.

So why can't the Bush Administration secure our borders? Don't we need to stop all of those terrorists crossing our borders and dieing in our deserts? Wouldn't it be better to mow them down right at the border? The spanish-speaking Taliban is taking all of our good jobs like cutting lawns and washing cars. Soon we are going to have suicide bombers blowing up every Taco Bell in the country. Why doesn't Bush do something about it? Maybe he is not as blood thirsty as we want him to be? Perhaps he is actually a human being at the very bottom of it all?

Mr. President, I could never bring myself to vote for you. I think your administration is a step back toward the dark ages. Just the same, I understand that you govern the most savage population since the Mongols. It takes true moral courage for an elected official to thwart the pubic's true aspirations. Thank-you for holding them back -- even just a little.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Let's Talk About Bad Boys

This topic has little to do with the Men's Movement, but seems to be on the mind of most of its members. Time to take a cold, hard look at it.

Why can ex-convicts boff any woman they see, while we stay home and wank? Why do women cling to and protect violent sociopaths, while our mates are prepared to toss us into the gutter on a mere whim? Why do addicts have room, board and drugs subsidized by a moon struck woman, when we slave to support some woman who will not even get us so much as a Tylenol when we are injured at work? This is the bad boy phenomenon.

Women's magazines deny that the phenomenon exists or ignore it. Men's magazines, when they admit to its existence, insist that not all women are caught up in it. They also try to give advice to us poor sods to try to overcome it. (None of this advice ever works.) Sometimes they suggest that after a while, women grow out of it. They don't. Women will only entertain our advances when they have been rejected by the last thug they can get. And when they do, they do it to exploit us financially or make us listen to some emotional catharsis where they spill their guts about their real boyfriend now in prison.

Forget the false hope, kind advice and assurances that a good woman will come along and respond to you. Let's talk reality. A criminal's girlfriend is always prettier than any you will ever get. A criminal's girfriend is more loyal than any that you will ever get. A criminal's girlfriend is more tolerant and forgiving than any that you will ever get. A criminal's girlfriend is more pleasant than any that you will ever get. Criminals can have a new woman every day, you can only get one when the criminals don't want them or are finished with them.

Sour grapes time. Those girls are all skanks and are not nearly good enough for us. So says the miserable harpy that you are stuck with. I swear, there is not a man on this Earth who hasn't thought to himself, "Just once in my life, to have that kind of sway over a woman like that!!!" . Admit it. There is no harm in hopeless envy.

So what is a guy to do? There are several how-to courses available on the internet to help you become a bad boy, or at least fake it. Do they work? Yes and No. You can fool some dive bar dumbellina for a couple of weeks, but eventually, they always find out if you are a decent human being and drop you in the end. Perhaps you can go from one to another as fast as the real miscreants and have a new one before the last finds you out. Some of us might be up to it, but I suspect that disposable partners are not what most of us want.

Should we become bad boys too? Emphatically, NO. Bad Boys get the girls but they pay handsomely for the license. They spend much of thier lives behind bars. They are beaten bloody from time to time. They can never get a decent, rewarding job. They die young. It is almost as bad as being married to your ex-wife. In the words of Robert Browning, " a man's reach should exceed his grasp." We must, simply, embrace the fact that there are some things that will be forever denied to us.