Friday, March 31, 2006

Why Is Immigration a Men’s Issue?

Dear Reader, I am completely stumped. The big topics on the men’s sites are not about improving the lot of men. They are Islam and immigration. Since I have covered Islam often enough and do understand why people want to talk about it, this time I will take on immigration.

I have a vision of standing on the Mexican border face-to-face with a Mexican. At the same time we both blurt out, “Buddy, Go Back!”. Now, I understand why he wants to come over here. He is poor and wants to make some money. My guess is that he understands why I want to go to Mexico, freedom.

Lots of guys want out. That is why Project Shawshank was born. What escapes me is the difference between the Mexican and the prospective American expat. He brings his culture up here. We gringos bring ours down there. We don’t like the strain he puts on social services. He doesn’t like our material commercialism. We are even.

Americans are funny when it comes to taking in immigrants. Always have been. Be it the Irish and the Chinese in the 19th century or the Italians and Mexicans in the 20th century, we don’t want them to take our jobs but we go ahead and hire them to keep our houses, watch our children and cut our lawns.

Americans also have a very short attention span when it comes to immigration. We holler all about how the immigrants are going to break the back of America. Only a year later, the very same Americans who got away and are now expats, do an about face. They might be sipping an espresso in Rio while reading the English language newspaper . They will see a headline like “Mexican Immigrants Riot in Los Angeles” and will pass it by without comment or maybe not even read it at all.

Bottom line -- If so many of us want to go expat, then why do we even care who takes on the chains that we threw off?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Evangelicals and the Men's Movement

A big component of the MM is the Evangelical right. Though it is hard to say whether they comprise a majority of MRA’s in America, the number is certainly significant. Being a liberal, you would probably think that I see this as a bad thing. Wrong. The Evangelicals are the only segment of the MM that gets any press or makes any progress. We need them badly.

I sometimes think I am the only feather in the liberal wing of the MM. Still, there are certainly a great number of secular conservatives in the movement. There needs to be a dialog between the secular and religious sides of the movement. We must convince the Evangelicals to adopt a wider men’s agenda. They are ready to do so.

In its infancy Evangelical politics was anti everything. Back then it was easier to mobilize people to be against something. Big government, welfare, taxes, it didn’t matter. Remember NCPAC? They campaigned against candidates, never for them.

Times change. Evangelical politics is now in full bloom. Evangelicals have the strength to be for something now. They are Americas king makers. Evangelicals are anti feminist and strongly support the family. The trick is that we need to convince them to support the families that are, but also the families that should be -- the ones with fathers in them. They have gotten covenant marriages legislated in several states. Now we have to get them interested in divorce. Make them forget about the godless fags going to court to be married. Get them to focus on the godless bitches going to court to be divorced.

We can make the sale. We just need to respect their beliefs. On social policy they are very close to those of secular MRA’s. That is the easy part. What will be hard is to look the other way when they want to teach creationism and read the Bible in schools. Let them do it. Is it really any worse than the feminazi curriculum? If you can’t stand the thought then think of this:

If the Evangelicals win out they will teach your kid some things you won’t agree with. Then you, as a parent, have the right to teach your kid your values and point of view at home. If the Evangelicals don’t win out then the feminazis will teach your kid things you won’t agree with but you will not even be there to teach him any differently.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Bring Back the Lash

“All Hands Witness Punishment!” was what the Boatswain cried out before they opened a sailor’s back with a cat-o-nine. Aren’t we fortunate that we don’t do that sort of thing anymore? We are more civilized now. Or are we?

Back in the old days, there were three common punishments, execution, fines and flogging. Execution was not limited to murder and treason. Grand Theft, for instance stealing a horse, or Sodomy could merit execution too. The rich were usually beheaded and the poor were hanged. Everything else was dealt with by flogging or fines. The rich paid a fine and the poor were whipped.

Nowadays, capital punishment is reserved for the most ghastly murders or murders committed by black men. On the whole, this is a good thing. It will finally be acceptable when capital punishment is completely banned.

Fines are still with us, but no longer exclusively for the rich. Anybody can get a parking ticket. If you want to see how important it was to be rich in the old days, pick up any book of laws. You will see such things as “punishable by 5 years in prison or a $5000.00 fine or both. Then try to mentally equate the fine with the prison term. The rich man paid the puny fine and the poor man did hard time. I don’t even want to know who got the “or both”. On fines, we are no better than we used to be, but also no worse. I call it a push.

Prison replaced flogging. Way back when, a pickpocket might get 20 lashes. The authorities would inflict terrible suffering for about half an hour. Then they would cut the prisoner down and let him go. The prisoner took his punishment and that was the end -- except that the wounds would take a couple of weeks to heal. Today, the same pickpocket would get two years. During his 2 year stay at the “Country Club”, where he gets free HBO, gourmet meals and all of the dope he can smoke, he gets repeatedly gang raped, beaten more brutally than by the lash and learns everything about being a criminal that he was afraid to ask. No good prison has ever been built. Everyone who leaves prison leaves worse than when he went in. Good man or bad man, guilty or innocent, he is worse. Worse for himself and worse for the rest of us.

A good flogging, however, teaches an immediate lesson. When the Sheriff cuts him down, he goes home to support his family and think about his wounds and crimes. Unlike prison, he is not forced into camaraderie with people who will help him perfect his criminal trade. Flogging is cheaper too. I have heard estimates that place imprisonment near $50,000.00 per head per year, more for women. You can get a decent quality whip for less than $200.00. A suitable 8X8 post can be had at Lowe’s for about $50.00.

Then there is the issue of the innocent man wrongfully convicted. If he goes to prison, he gets the gang rapes, the beatings, the works. When he comes out he is either turned criminal, addict or is too broken to be anything of use. After a flogging, he does not become broken. He becomes indignant. It only strengthens his resolve to do right. It may sound barbaric, but flogging beats incarceration by every measure.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Goodbye Loompanics

One of the last examples of what Freedom of the Press was intended to mean, Loompanics Inc. is shutting down. This from

Owning Loompanics has been the biggest thrill of my life – for 30 years I got to live my dream (and stick it to the man!). I want to thank everyone who made it possible: Our customers, authors, artists, reviewers, interviewers, vendors, and most of all, the super efficient Loompanics staff...

...and everyone who made it necessary! All the censors, prudes, prigs and pigs in the world, especially the U.S.A...

I hoped this day would never come, but sales have been steadily falling for several years, and we just can't keep the place going any longer! Thank you one and all, for thirty fantastic years!
– Mike Hoy, Pres.

Very sad indeed. I first discovered Loompanics about 20 years ago. When visiting my favorite head shop, the owner turned me on to their cheesy printed catalog. What a revelation! Back in those days, when I wasn’t busy making life hard for myself, I read and read and read. I was in every damned book club, but I never saw anything like this! There was something for every kind of screwball the human race ever produced and nothing you could find anywhere else. They had stuff for paranoid anarchists, Marxist nudists, fascist wannabes, druggies, fugitives, everything.

Over the years I got a lot of stuff from those guys. The first book I got was called “Getting Even”. The cover had a picture of an establishment type alpha male with a giant screw sticking out of his head. I had to have it. That was a gem. I got a couple of different books on writing effective poison pen letters. I used them much. I got one book especially for my divorce called “Screw the Bitch!”. Unfortunately, it didn’t arrive in time for me to make proper use of it.

At Loompanics nothing is too hot to handle. Exotic weapons, torture, hacking and revenge were available, naturally with a faint disclaimer. They also had some very practical titles that could help you through an emergency. “So You’re Going to Prison” comes immediately to mind. They had mounds of stuff on Fake ID and privacy. Stuff a guy just might need in a pinch.

Not everything was shocking or extreme. Some of it was simply very uncommon knowledge. Another interesting book that they sold me was a backdoor to the ultimate in establishment respectability, “How to Become a Diplomat”. Half of the cover showed a guy emptying barrels into a garbage truck and the other half showed the same dude wearing a tuxedo at a high class event. And you know what? It really, really worked. A garbage man really could be a diplomat. Back then the communist block had just collapsed and all of these new countries were appointing Honorary Consuls all over the world. All you had to do was sell yourself to a newly formed foreign ministry. No problem if you are an ethnic with a little persuasion. Who knows this stuff? You couldn’t get that anyplace else.

I guess I made my last order tonight. This one is called “Rancho Costa Nada”. It is about how to build a house out in the desert almost for free. Who knows? I might need it someday.

So where will the next generation find out how to make a smooth drawing bong or earn a living as an FBI snitch?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First $100

MR has reached a milestone, the first $100 in ad revenue. I haven’t decided whether to use it to pay for more traffic from a pay per click scheme or to pay for search engine optimization. The important thing is to spread the word to the right people. As the site matures, living conditions for men will continue to deteriorate. More and more men will be compelled to take their chances in an alien society. MR will be badly needed.

Many thanks to Duncan Idaho at The Eternal Bachelor for ushering traffic to MR. Since he put a link on his site, traffic has gone from 2 or 3 visit’s a day to around 20 a day. I hope that someday soon, I will be able to send him as many visitors as he sent me.