Sunday, May 21, 2006

Open Letter to Evangelicals

Dear Brothers in Christ,
A historic opportunity lies before us. This is our first and maybe last chance to invite God back into American life and reclaim the liberty we lost to Secular Humanism. All we have to do is cut our ties to one set of crooked politicians and force ourselves upon the other.

It is widely thought that the Bush Administration is bringing us closer to the edge of catastrophe every day. Many of us still support President Bush. Still, we need to face the fact that the Republican Party will very likely lose control of the government over the next 21/2 years. Add to that the idea that Hillary Clinton will have the con for at least four years afterward and it becomes crystal clear that we need to take some drastic action. The situation is not hopeless, however. There is absolutely nothing to stop us from joining and taking control of the Democratic Party and forcing it to speak to our agenda.

So why exactly must we abandon the Republicans? The most practical reason is that if we do not, then we risk a Hillary Clinton presidency. More importantly, the Republicans have done nothing to further our cause. If the Republicans are strong enough to get tax cuts for billionaires and the authority to tap all of our phones, then why can’t they use that strength to ban abortion or re sanctify marriage? The Republicans are all talk and no action on Christian issues. How many times have you heard a so-called conservative politician say, “I am against abortion but Roe v Wade is the law of the land”? Liar! Abortion is not the law of the land. Congress makes laws not courts. Roe v Wade is nothing more than the opinion of a gang of dead radicals.

The Republican Party has always operated on the “Show Me The Money” basis. The rank and file are treated with contempt. The Bush Administration and the Republican Congress have been able to pass nearly every economic initiative but nothing on the social side. The latest defiance of the public will is immigration reform. As an individual, your author happens to support the Bush position. To the overwhelming majority of Evangelicals, and all voters for that matter, the administration’s proposals are an anathema in the extreme. Almost no Evangelical supports them. Just the same, they will pass because the moneyed interests want them to, no matter how unpopular they are. A slap in the face to us all.

Since 9-11, the Bush Administration has deliberately and systematically stripped us all of our constitutional rights. It has extended government power and invasiveness to unprecedented extremes. Now, imagine all of this power and the government’s newly acquired domestic spying capabilities in the hands of Hillary. In no time, America will be one, big, feminist village.

At the start, I wrote of opportunity. So, how does defecting to the Democrats, who have always been hostile to us, present us with an opportunity? Unlike the Republicans, who have a high degree of economic and political discipline, the Democrats blow with any wind. The Republicans serve a single ideology. The Democrats, on the other hand, pander to a coalition diverse interest groups and factions. The basic tenants of Feminism, Environmentalism, Academia, Gay Rights etc. are wildly divergent. Democratic politicians step and fetch for the group that happens to that is most prominent locally. In San Francisco it is the Gays. In Boston, the Academics. In Detroit, big Labor. In Washington, the Feminists. Now, picture this: The Evangelicals pour into the Democratic Party. They ally with the urban Catholics -- the bulk of the Reagan Democrats. Is there a bigger special interest group than that? If the majority of Evangelicals register Democratic, our numbers will swamp those of any and all other groups. The politicians will have to serve us from then on. If they don’t then we nominate and run Democratic candidates of our own. Because of our sheer numbers, the radical left will be forever consigned to oblivion.

If we really want “In God We Trust” to stand for something again, there are a few things we must and must not do:

1) We must move to the Democratic Party and rework its political agenda. As noted earlier, the Democratic agenda is malleable as putty. We must use it.

2) We must insist that the Constitution be read literally. There are no “implied powers”. Due process of law applies to everyone -- even those in divorce court or the child welfare monstrosity.

3) We must force Congress to accept the line in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” Congress must formally proclaim that the source of human and civil rights is God and not the government. Since God gave them, only He can take them away. Since they are unalienable, a person cannot even waive them because they are not his to waive.

4) We must resolve to support no politician that does not, in both word and deed, subordinate himself to God.

5) We must not be corrupted by Godless ideologies.

6) We must not allow any narrow interest group to place a plank on the Democratic national platform. The gays can sodomize each other without our sanction. The feminists can continue to hate the entire world with out us giving them a political outlet.

7) We must adopt the Men’s Movement and focus its political goals. Easier said than done, but it must be done. Otherwise there is no hope for marriage, education or benign government.

8) We must make legal reform a priority. As of now, trial lawyers will not permit any meaningful injection of fairness and equity into civil and criminal proceedings. Suppose that trial lawyers are unable to obtain elective office? There is absolutely no reason why any American should not be able to stand before a jury of his peers and explain himself and expect a fair hearing.

9) We must not permit government to continue to grow. We are already footing the bill for too many things that we detest.

10) We must not waver from our Christian philosophy in order to form alliances with other interests. We do not need the support of any other interest group. They must bend toward righteousness not us bend toward abomination.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

On War -- Rich changes his mind.

After much study and reconsideration, your author repudiates his recent stand on responding to a nuclear attack against the US by Islamic extremists. I fully and publicly recant. It is still my opinion that the blanket retaliation strategy would reduce the likelihood of future attacks. I no longer believe, however, that this outcome, by itself, is of any benefit to the US or any other nation. Even if such a response can be justified under “Just War” theory, that does not make it appropriate or smart. I say this for two reasons:

Firstly, it harms the Men’s Movement globally. If the US mobilizes itself into one big weapon, when Islam is defeated this concentrated power will be turned against men as a class. A precedent for this can be seen in the aftermath of WWI. Prohibition, women’s suffrage, abuse of the Taft-Hartley Act and the Mann Act, the Great Depression and the shameful military attack on the bonus marchers can all be traced to the Wilson tyranny and its alliance with the women’s suffrage movement. We do not want to create that kind of political environment again.

Secondly, the current US regime already places itself above international law and views human rights with disdain. It neither needs nor cares for our endorsement of the human atrocities it intends to commit. The openly stated US policy of permanent, global hegemony suggests neutral nations and even friendly nations must side with Islam. To do otherwise would be to forfeit their own autonomy and sovereignty.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Getting Nowhere and Getting Tired

I have been an MRA in one form or another for ten years now. Naturally, I take for granted that I won’t win many female converts. What about the men? Why have I failed so miserably? When I make a new friend, I don’t start right in poking holes in the air with my finger. I proceed gingerly, with the soft sell. I don’t proselytize. Mostly, I ask my friend to look carefully at his environment and think about where he fits in. Even men who are physically, mentally, emotionally or legally crippled; or all of the above, don’t get the message.

My life is a MGTOW dream and my home is a single man’s paradise. Still, I am not satisfied. The time and money that I wasted has helped few and alienated many. Perhaps it is not the message but the messenger? Maybe I am just not cut out to be an activist. But then again. If not me, who? How many men have the resources and the latitude to do it? Damned few. Or the inclination to do it? Fewer still.

Friends and comrades, I suggest that every MRA read Browning’s Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

On War

War is cruel and brutal endeavor. As mentioned in another thread, ancient wars civilians were routinely targets of war. And yes, for 30 years Augustus Caesar beat his head against the wall screaming, "Qintinious Varis where are my eagles!" Total war is nothing new.

As surprising as it may seem, war in the dark ages, reputedly a barbaric time, was more humane than it has ever been. It was strictly a rich man's game. Serfs were generally left alone and with good reason. They were valuable property and part of the plunder to be divided upon victory. The Crusades, the Vikings and the Mongols returned us to our "traditional values" and war has been the same since.

So what about now in the nuclear age? Well, the Soviets didn't kill us all off. A few close calls, but we smoothed it over. They were the big threat and now it is over. Now we have the Islamic fanatics. Can we wheel and deal with them the way we did with he Soviets? Not likely. Especially not now when we have our own religious fanatics running our government. Moral conviction has a way of turning to malice and spite on the geopolitical scene. There can be no meaningful negotiation. What are our options?

Well, those who know me and my writings know that I opposed the war in Iraq. I still do. What people may not know is that I am native born American and a disabled veteran of the US Navy. If we are hit with a nuke, we have to fight. Even I won't hold back or equivocate on that. Lets look at our options:

Complete conquest of the Islamic world is out of the question. We just do not have the numbers necessary to occupy and rule 1/3 of the globe. If this administration can bungle Iraq, how are they going to run Indonesia with a population nearly as large as ours and better technology than Iraq ever had? We are going to have to fight by remote control.

Our only hope of success is a one day war. We will need to destroy every Islamic population center on the globe -- friend or foe. When America is under attack we do not have the luxury of making such distinctions. We will also have to attack their food supplies to make sure each young suicide bomber's top priority is to feed his mother rather than join the fight. I would also suggest that targeting and throw weight be decided in consultation with our best environmental scientists. We will need to limit our nuclear assault to what our domestic Civil Defense and Emergency Management can handle when the fallout blows our way.

We will have to be just as ruthless at home. We will take some hits, but we can prevail. Martial Law, house to house searches for potential Islamic terrorists, internment camps, arming the entire able-bodied native male population. We draft every able bodied woman and give her a crash course in nursing radiation sickness. Civil liberties go on hold. Feminism will also have to be suppressed. We will need to take our national security much more seriously than to let women get in the way. When some dumb bitch insists that her husband finish the dishes before going to the town defense meeting, she needs a fat lip not encouragement from the police. They will have bigger fish to fry too.

We will probably have to live like this for several years. There is also no guarantee that Russia or China will remain neutral when the fallout passes into their territory. That is a risk we have to take. Better to deal with them than the fanatics. This one day war effort will take more effort and sacrifice than both world wars combined. But is there even one American who is not willing to pay the price?