Saturday, September 23, 2006

MR main site is finished

Men Revitalized is going away next month. The rent for the server space will come due around mid month and the traffic doesn't justify paying for another year. Since the blog is still free I will keep it going. The rest of the site will vanish someday soon.

I will make an honest effort to put as many of the articles in this blog as is practical. Unfortunately, Project Shawshank is doomed because of its size. If I can find a place to store it in zip format, I will do so.

Starting today, the blog will permit comments. Since the contact link will die with the main site, I have decided to deal with the trolls and the spam. No other reasonable way to communicate. Besides, who reads this trash anyway?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

All Sex is Rape

All sex is rape. McKinnon is right. Every act of sex diminishes the soul of the man involved and directly contributes to his misery. It should be against the law, but it isn't and won't be. But take heart. That is not the end of the story.

All females use sex to extort or bribe men into giving them something they don't deserve. It may be money from a doddering old millionaire, status from a young athelete, drugs from a pusher or maybe even leniency and protection from a blue goon. No matter what form it takes, it is always exploitive.

Some say prostitution is the answer. Nope -- sex for money is always exploitive, even if cut-rate. Others say foreign wives are the way to go. Sorry, no green card, no foreign wife. So where does that leave us? We can be celebate. We can wank. We can turn to bestiality. Some would like me to include inflatable companions. Okay, lets do.

Some say that it is natural and manly to want sex. Natural perhaps, but manly? Never. It is an animal urge that needs to be controlled like theft and hatred. There is nothing manly about surrendering yourself or subordinating your humanity to any female, whatever the species.

Lest you think I am too dogmatic, I understand that men are only human. Hell, the few humans on this planet are all men. I can wink at the guy who stumbles in a moment of weakness or frailty. On the other hand, those male homo sapiens, and they are few, who do seem to have sex constanly do not qualify as human in my eyes. Neither he nor I will ever know which ejaculation carried off his last bit of humanity and deposited it in some reeking slot. But it happened somewhere along the line. I do not envy him. I do not pity him. There is no "him" only "it".

Sour grapes you say? Sour Limburger cheese is more like it. That is what I thought I smelled last time I almost gave in. Were it not for the ugly stench, I might have even gone through with it. I put it to my reader. Is that what we really want? Is that what we pay so much for? If we won't pay $4.50 lbs at the deli then why do we want to pay most of our life's earnings for something worse?