Thursday, November 02, 2006

Anti Feminism Sites

Since I already consider feminism a discredited ideology, I have preferred to push the male separatist side of MGTOW. Every day, there are new anti feminism sites and blogs comming online. Though I push a different agenda, I am very, very glad to see these sites.

Eventhough the ideology is in disgrace and feminism as a political movement has crested, nobody can deny that it is still wedged tightly into legal, legislative and academic circles. The remnants of feminism are still being exploited, not for political or social reasons, but for financial gain. There is still a fight to fight.

Though revitalized men focus on developing tough defenses, there is no reason we should not join others in the attack against the intrenched feminazis. It doesn't matter that there is little chance of success in our lifetimes. A strong anti feminist upsurge may even be an excuse to invoke martial law. That doesn't matter because any excuse is good enough for the powers that be. We don't care because when the turmoil and strife is over, we don't want feminists to be part of any new regime. Let the anti feminists keep reminding us of that.


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